Northwestern Ontario NA Meeting List

COVID-19 Information

As a result of current public health concerns related to COVID-19, many NA meeting locations have been temporarily closed. However, some meetings have re-opened with restrictions. Please check here before attending in-person meetings. We will do our best to keep meeting information current.

Public Health officials still encourage online meeting attendance instead of in-person meeting attendance, whenever possible.

DO NOT attend an in-person meeting if you answer "YES" to ANY of the following questions:

  1. Have you travelled outside of Northwestern Ontario in the past 14 days?

  2. Have you tested positive for COVID-19 or had close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days?

  3. Do you have any of the following symptoms:

    • Fever or chills?

    • New onset of cough

    • Worsening chronic cough?

    • Shortness of breath?

    • Difficulty breathing?

    • Sore throat?

    • Difficulty swallowing?

    • Decrease or loss of sense of taste or smell?

    • Headache?

    • Unexplained fatigue/muscle aches?

    • Nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, or abdominal pain?

    • Pink eye?

    • Runny nose or nasal congestion without other known cause?

If you choose to attend an in-person meeting:

  • Maintain a 2-metre distance from others;

  • No hugging or shaking hands;

  • Wash your hands and sanitize often;

  • Wear a mask; and

  • Respect and adhere to the policies set out by each NA group.